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Parking management system

Technology & Products
RexWatch License Plate Recognition parking system provides real-time parking status report ,non-stop traffic control,transparent parking fee management and clear proof of any trouble which may arise in the parking place.

System Installation (example)

System Installation (example)

Characteristic of system
High recognition rate up to 99%
Intelligent Power Control - Automatic Power Reset / power can be controlled remotely
High efficient parking management system thru automatic recognizing plate number and linking to the data base /Security functions
Provide customized statistics by using various criteria of vehicle searching function
Elegant design (to improve the image of doors - brand value rise)

Device configuration

Device  configuration


Item Spec & Function Item Spec@Function
Camera 1/3” CCD 1.3M Pixels Color Camera CPU More than intel Core 2 Duo
Lens 2/3” Zoom Lens (IR Corrected Lens) Memory More than 2GB DDR2
Light device IR-LED (life cycle more than 1,000 million times) Storage More Than SATA 500G HDD
Control board(power) Power, lighting, fans, heaters, and automatic control and fault-auto-recovery function Video input IEEE 1394 Interface, Network, USB
Vehicle sensor Loop coil Housing Waterproof, dustproof, special paint